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Document Data
Description Sales Contract (Export) - MSM Sugar and Exporter Inc
Date of Agreement 01-Dec-2022
Contract Number MSMCONT-EXP-001
Exporter Name Exporter Inc
Blockchain ID 0063d4f9ada568c1d52a9ec69b8d361ee3cfa6f114986f6055ac8fd736fb7a13
Document Hash 0x1387e334029f41db5ff68a30f7b7cfdd3b3411e6eb4be5caf46dcf1bb867a78e

Events Data
Event Name Device Unique ID Timestamp Location Image Description Action
Submit to Finance 010b5f9e-877f-4b87-884b-1121d66c3780 2022-11-29 06:17:17 3.127660757036814,101.68687820434572 Approved by Nor Azmi  Verify
Price Finalized 5e3ba4f3-8bcd-4c54-8fcd-174f23cc6d32 2022-11-29 06:17:17 3.1381593022043783,101.69799327850343 50 USD per Kg  Verify
Delivery Execution adf54bbc-eba1-466c-8b94-d3931aec3e2f 2022-11-29 06:17:17 3.129846177154718,101.6973924636841 Confirmed  Verify